Saturday, July 23, 2011


6 days! Then Ireland-Scotland-England-France-Belguim-Netherlands! I must say though, trying to find stuff to do is overwhelming! theres so much, in so little time! We could spend months in Ireland (and I'd love to..) the same with Scotland! Too bad we only get 2 weeks to do all that ^!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dear Diary

I never had a real diary... I'd always get one (they were pretty).. want to write in it, so I'd pretend to put something important.. which was really "dear diary, hi" or " i saw a cat" very awesome of my child of a self.

Might have to do with the fact I would rather read than write, I had a snoopy sister or I never had anything worth writing about. Boring life I led eh?

Anyone else as boring a me?

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So I watched Bones last night, It was a pretty good episode btw. It featured a childrens science show personality who wanted Bones to go on his show.  It pretty much reminded me of Bill Nye. Yay! Childhood tv shows! Things were so much more amazing when you were a kid. It's true, don't deny it. Bill Nye video.. watch me

On a HAPPPPY note, less than 3 weeks til I get my house! Tres exciting! Take that BMO mortgage woman! I dont need a man to get a house now do I. Sexist *****. ( In short, I went to my bank she sed your gonna waste my time, wait til you have a husband to help you.)

Going floor hunting today, it shall be fun.  Until  I can't find what I want for a resonable price:( boo. Hardwood is way to expensive! Comeonnnnnnn Direct buy! Dont let me down!